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Innisfil's Got Talent

WAGE™ is an ERC20 utility token powering a Fair, Transparent and Efficient Tech Talent Marketplace
Blockchain Technology

In 2008 bitcoin became the first digital currency to solve the double-spending problem without the need of a trusted authority or central server.

Get paid to interview

WAGE™ is earned when  you complete tasks in the interview process. Learn about new jobs, share your profile with hiring teams, interview, give feedback, provide references, accept offers.


WAGE™ can be exchanged for goods and services or traded for other ERC20 utility tokens..

Work anywhere. Anytime

Unlock opportunities for work without boundaries, schedules and meetings. Just focus on doing your best work.

Get and Give Feedback

Feedback is the most valuable and under-appreciated part of the hiring process. Monetize your data and learn from your peers.

Claim your piece of
the pie

Recruiting agencies make money trading your data (education, skills, experience). Don't you think It's time you received your fair share?

Lucy Zhao, CEO of AirCari.com

“It’s amazing. I can see how SmartHire can help passive candidates explore their options.

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