Why SmartHire?

WAGE is an Ethereum Blockchain, ERC20 utility token powering the next generation of Recruitment Technology

Not recruiting as usual

“It’s amazing. I can see how SmartHire can help passive candidates explore their options.

Lucy Zhao, CEO of AirCari.com

The most powerful innovation since the Internet is taking the world by storm, and now we have applied it to the challenges of recruitment.

Blockchain Technology

Start earning WAGE for every step of the recruitment process. Apply for jobs, go to interviews, give feedback on the candidate experience, and accept your next offer and refer new people. 

Earn Crypto

A real breakthrough in the world of Cryptocurrency. Instantly spend your WAGE on goods and services offered on the The WAGE Marketplace.

Spend your Crypto

Meet the Team

Sergey Kalnish
Founder & CEO
Bela Campello, UI/UX Designer
Scott Peacock, Web Developer
Natalya Domina, Data Science and Analytics
Alvin Jin 
Big Data & Machine Learning
Ankit Jain 
Cyber Security

No more unsolicited, generic messages from pesky recruiters. SmartHire puts you in full control of your recruitment process. 

Avoid Recruiters

Interested in an opportunity and want to learn more? Wouldn't it be nice to chat directly with the hiring team? Well, now you can!

Chat Directly with Hiring Team

Recruiters make tens of thousands of dollars trading your talents on the job market. Don't you think It's time you received your fair share? We do!

Share in the Revenue
We'd love to hear from you!

Tel: 416-826-2996

50 Carroll St,

Toronto, ON M4M 3G3


Our Timeline

Companies already on SmartHire:

Nov. 10, 2017
Ethereum Smart Contract Created
Jan. 1, 2018
Closed Private Beta Launched
May 1, 2018
Open Public Beta Launched
Sept 1, 2018
Marketplace Launch